The call for research applications for the year 2017 is now open with the deadline February 28. Researches within research institutions or medical units in western Sweden are welcome to apply for grants .

The Board has set aside a total of SEK 2 million for this round. Half of this amount, SEK 1 million, is intended for (full) funding of one project, which can extend over a longer period of time. The remaining SEK 1 million is intended for full or partial funding of research projects.

The guidelines for this call can be downloaded at this link: guidelines-for-application-for-research-grants-in-2017-1. The application form (in fillable pdf-format) can be downloaded at this link: application-form-for-funding-from-lions-cancer-fund-west.

Note that each application must be accompanied by a certificate of the head of clinic/department and a signature by the applicant which should be sent in by ordinary mail to the specified address. This form is to be downloaded at this link: certificate-head-of-clinic-signature-by-applicant

Any questions regarding applications etc. can be sent to this email address: forskningsanslag(at)